BVMA Makers Day

Sunday 25 February 2024British Violin Making Association


This is the premier showcase for modern violinmakers; a one day event at Kings Place, London, where 40 violin makers exhibit their work. It’s a great opportunity to try instruments and meet the makers.

See you there!

Please explore my website to find out more about my work. Investing in a Michetschläger instrument will see you through your whole career, from small instruments for children to violins, violas and cellos that have accompanied players from their teenage years to professional work.



  • 16 5/8 inch (42.3cm) 2011; £9000

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If you’d like to find out more, or to try an instrument, please contact me:

0161 972 0839

If you’d like to read more, look at this article about my work  published by the Royal Overseas League

Film-maker Eamon Urtone spent some time in my workshop to produce this documentary which shows me making a viola for a member of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra